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About me

Álvaro Zapata

I suppose that first of all, it would be good to know the person behind the camera. Let me introduce myself: My name is Álvaro and if you ask me since when I'm in the audiovisual world... I wouldn't know how to answer. Since I have use of reason, I have been very close to cameras, I come from a family related to visual arts, and I suppose that has influenced the passion I have today for my work. From a very young age, I have enjoyed filming videos and shorts with my friends, and over the years, my interest in capturing moments and events became my profession. 

I studied performing arts high school, then graduated as a senior technician in lighting, image capture and processing, and finally as a camera operator at CES school in Madrid.

I started to take an interest in the world of weddings in 2018 and worked for some photography studios in Murcia and Alicante, before continuing on my own two years later. This period has taught me that each wedding is unique and has reinforced my awareness of the importance of my role in them. Therefore, I always strive to give each detail the importance it deserves and adapt to each couple, as no two are alike.

One of my premises is naturalness. I try to avoid giving orders or interfering with the development of events, since I prefer everything to flow in front of the camera. This is the basis of my style: 0% poses, 100% authenticity.

What is my specialty?

Music Videos
Advertising and social media
videobooks / showreels
drone video

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